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Holle’s commitment to preserving seed diversity

Seeds are the basis for our agriculture and our food – they are the basis of our existence. For thousands of years, an incredible variety of seeds has formed an essential part of our diet. For this to remain like that, and to support the future development of ecological farming, we are contributing to the Saatgutfonds der Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft. Since 1996, this German foundation has been funding innovative and trendsetting initiatives in the cultivation of vegetables, cereals and fruits that contribute to the research and development of ecological agriculture and plant breeding. The primary objective is to establish independent plant breeds for organic farming that are free from genetic engineering, patents and monopolies.


Promoting fertile and healthy soils: Holle donates to the Save Our Soils Fund

The degradation of soils is in full progress. Every minute mankind destroys the equivalent of 30 football fields of fertile soil. It’s high time to do something against that! This is why the United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. The intention is to increase our awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy soil for food security, climate and essential ecosystem functions.

The Save Our Soils Fund (SOS Fund) was set up early this year and is part of the Save Our Soils campaign. With our donation to this fund we can support farmers to manage their land sustainably and keep their soils healthy. Ours and other pioneering companies’ contribution promotes the following activities in particular:

• Organising workshops, training and instruction material for farmers
• Documenting existing sustainable farming methods and publishing these as best practice suggestions
• Carrying out research projects on selected soil-specific topics
• Collection of data and evaluation of the socio-economic advantages of sustainably managed soils
• Cooperation with like-minded organisations to reach a wider audience and raise the awareness of the importance of soils

Further information about Save Our Soils:


Holle is now a member of the AöL – the association of organic food producers

Holle is now a member of the AöL, the association of organic food producers. The AöL supports organic and sustainable food produced in harmony with mankind and nature. It aims to promote value awareness and increase the process quality for organic food, and to ensure transparent declaration of the products. All these values and objectives are of course also part of Holle’s own philosophy.

At the centre of the AöL’s work is the political advocacy at the national and European level. This includes the further development of appropriate standards for organic food products, which will also be achieved through the constant exchange of opinions and experiences of the AöL members. From now on, Holle will play an active part in this.

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Holle supports conference of young eco-farmers

Safeguarding the future of eco-farming: With a donation of 1.000 € we support the conference of young eco-farmers in Fulda, one of the most important conferences for young farmers, gardeners and winegrowers of today and tomorrow. Our donation helps funding the 3-day conference and organising an excellent programme of high-calibre speakers and workshops. The conference themed “Growth and Quality – Opportunity or Contradiction?” will take place from 13th to 15th November 2015. The participants will have a chance to network, gain new insights and exchange experiences.


Further information about the conference (in German):


New: Holle Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina

A fruity treat for the little ones

Dear Parents,

Children love fruit! Which is why Holle is now offering its new Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina. In addition to carefully selected cereals it is also packed with fruit. A range of ways to prepare the porridge allow you to offer your child a varied weaning diet.

  • For infants from 6 months
  • Easy preparation
  • Very versatile: Can be prepared as fruit porridge or milk porridge; for preparation as half-milk
  • porridge, with breast milk or as milk-free porridge
  • Contains gluten, no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)

The Holle team wishes you and your child much enjoyment with the new Holle Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina!


Holle receives Demeter honorary award 2015

Every year on the Biofach, Demeter e.V. is honouring the work of its members with various prizes and awards. We are very happy to have received this year’s Demeter honorary award. When awarding the prize, the jury praised Holle’s distinct innovative capacities, its commitment to sustainability and its high-quality products. Holle manager Udo Fischer accepted the award in person on the Biofach.

Click here for further information about the Demeter award and the award ceremony.


A broad alliance of organic, consumer and environmental organizations issued an invitation to come to Berlin for the fifth Wir haben es satt demonstration. On 17 January 2015 some 50 000 people of all ages and from all over the country marched from Potsdamer Platz to the Regierungsviertel district, where Germany’s government buildings are located. The protest against agri-business; animal ‘factories’; bee mortality; industrially produced food; unfair working conditions and dumping prices as well as also the CETA and TTIP was colourful, creative and diverse. On the previous evening the BÖLW had held its first major political reception within the scope of the Green Weeks fair. Click here to find out more.


Holle managing director Udo Fischer took part in the march in Berlin to demonstrate his personal support for the campaign to stop the industrialization of agriculture and food manufacturing and to assist small farmers.


Seen on the photo: Udo Fischer (right) and Lazaro Campuzano , Sales Director at Demeter Felderzeugnisse (left).